Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Faking Grace by Tamara Leigh

Faking Grace is a story about a young, "down on her blessings" woman aptly named Maisey Grace who needs a job-badly. So much so that she is willing to fake being a Christian in order to take a part time job with a Christian publishing house to put dog food on the table for her little dog Woofer. She goes way over the top on some "Christian accessories"- bumper sticker, cross jewelry, air freshener-they actually have Christian air freshener????-in order to be convincing. As she works for this Christian ministry she discovers that Christians are real people with real problems. She shares some of these surprising challenges that some of her co-workers are going through with her room-mate who is a higher-up with the big Nashville newspaper and is offered a job as an investigative journalist to do an expose on the secret and not so secret sins of people in the ministry.

My daughter Elsa and I liked this book. Tamara Leigh was willing to subject her heroine to some really embarrassing situations in order to get this story of Grace told. We could relate.

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