Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Hat

I like to felt. Old sweaters, thrift store finds, you name it- if it will shrink I'll felt it. What do I do with these shrunken wonders? Not a whole lot. I made my nephew a cute Christmas stocking a couple of years ago. That was it until I saw a felted hat pattern in Debbie Stoller's book "The Happy Hooker" crochet book.
This hat was called "Strut" and I should beware of anything that smacks of "proud"- I really should be Amish. I followed the directions and crocheted it to the obligatory size of a house and stuck it in a pot of boiling water to shrink. The directions said run it through the hot water cycle in the washing machine. Why do I have a problem with directions? It's like I can go so far but then have to think of a way to do it better. (sigh) I took it out of the pot and it hadn't shrunk very much, so after my children and husband took turns trying it on and striking all manner of Dr.Seuss poses, I threw it in the washing machine. At the end of the cycle it had shunk to the size of a bird's nest requiring drastic stretching and pulling and molding over bowls and vases to get it into a head shape. The end result was more Devo than Jackie O.

Next time I promise to follow the directions to the letter. To the best of my ability given who I am. Oh brother.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Running With Chickens

I was racing up the basement stairs hoping that the plastic bag holding the chicken wouldn't leak on the floor. I really didn't want to deal with extracting chicken juice out of the sand colored carpet. The bag was surprisingly heavy but I kept my speed up pretty well. As I neared the finish line- my kitchen- I started to laugh. My husband, hearing the commotion, asked what I was doing. I answered,
"I'm running with chickens."

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Philadelphia Story

Philadelphia freedom shine on me...-Elton John
The lobbyist's wife-that would be me- hits the streets of the city of brotherly love.

The American Legislator's Exchange Council, an organization of (you guessed it) legistlator's- of a primarily conservative persuasion- from across the U.S. converged last week in Philly. I was there. I had the privilege of being with some men and women who serve our state through elected positions. My husband and I toured the city and ate at some incredible restaurants. We got a bit of a feel for the historical significance and that sense of how time has passed. I wondered what John Adams would think of the modern Philadelphia.

I saw homelessness and people of all types who seemed spiritually lost and in need. I prayed. It is a temptation for me to dispair when confronted with so much hopelessness. I want everybody to have. To be at peace. To know Jesus.

God bless Philadelphia. Wrap her in your arms of love.