Tuesday, March 25, 2008


My husband David and I got back from Cabo on Friday. It was our annual "get away from winter and clients" vacation. This time we traveled to a resort called the Bonita Pacifica which was advertised as a holistic resort with a great spa, organic food, and yoga on the beach (for me).
I brought along some yarn, an unfinished crocheted sun hat,yoga clothes and Sharon Hinck's book The Restorer.
When I go to these places I always feel a bit awkward. I know people who would be right at home in the world of luxury vacationsl, but not me. I'm sure if anyone is reading this you are feeling sorry for me right now... But really, this is the tie- in to Sharon's book. It's about a mom like me who feels like a fish out of water in an alternate universe- i.e. me at the pool in a goofy bathing suit-my big splurge custom one didn't get ordered in time (my fault). What I love about Sharon's main character Susan is that I can relate so much to her desire to do something meaningful with her life when my own everyday job description of wife and mother can seem small and my performance even smaller. Susan fights powers and principalities that she didn't even know existed and in spite of her foibles becomes more than a conqueror through Christ.
I flew back to St.Louis restored.