Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Rain Song blog tour

Rain Song is one of those books that makes me happy to be a reader. Alice J. Wisler's first novel has the feeling of a story that has been brewing for a long time, mellowing and developing from the heart with poignant characters that you can't help falling in love with.
Nicole Michelin is a respectable high school English teacher in Mount Olive, North Carolina whose passion is caring for her exotic fish tank. She writes a column for a website called "Pretty Fishy" where she meets Harrison Michaels on line, who turns out to be someone who knew her as a two year old child in Japan. Through their correspondence Harrison helps answer some questions that have been niggling at her for years, and invites her to visit the land of her birth. But Nicole's fear of flying and the unknown threatens to keep her from self-discovery and truly experiencing the freedom of being herself.
Ms.Wisler balances small town North Carolina, eccentric southern relatives and barbecued chicken with the serene culture of Japan and Harrison Michaels' Japanese cuisine and koi garden. Her graceful writing had me sighing and reading certain passages over again with pure delight.
This is one to give a special friend, Mom or sister if you are so blessed.
Highly recommended.

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Thanks for this review and post!
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