Saturday, November 8, 2008

Apres Everything

When all is said and done.... I still love Sarah Palin. I pray that she can stand, while those around her crawl out of the woodwork, and try to whisper into her brain. No, I'm not channelling Elton John.... or Nancy Reagan...
If she were such a detrement to the Republican nominee and party, why is the media still obsessed with her? It should be over. Right? I believe it's because she, and everything she stands for is a threat to their template of the modern woman. She has grace and dignity. She is pro-life on every level and I would rather have her shooting straight from the hip on my behalf than all the smooth talk, amounting to nothing, from the other side.
We have what we have, and as Sarah Palin said,"The people have spoken."
We have our king, but only One is sitting on the throne.