Thursday, April 10, 2008


Christian fiction writer extraordinaire Angela Hunt lists "Alias Addicts" as one of her favorite links on her blog and for a couple of years I've wanted to check it out. I know, I'm way behind the times. I don't usually watch tv and am hopelessly out of the "what's popular" loop.
Well, my husband,the boys and I were in Best Buy browsing the dvd's and I talked them into getting the first season of Alias. The men were pretty skeptical- sure that it was going to be too "chickflick" for them, but generously deferred to my earnest pleading and promises that Angela Hunt would not steer them wrong.

So now we are on season four with season five waiting in the wings. We have enjoyed the plot twists and nail biting action along with the great cast with special appearances by stars like Lena Olin,Roger Moore, and Isabella Rossellini. How fun is that?

As a result of all this Alias watching I got to thinking about how when we come to know Jesus as lord and savior the Bible says that we become "new creatures in Christ,old things are passed away;behold all things are become new".

It's like being in God's witness protection program. We get a new identity in Christ and a clean slate. Sins are forgiven and we have a new job description as a follower of Jesus Christ.

Now that's really cool.