Tuesday, April 24, 2012

T is for Testing!

I was over at blogger friend Robyn Alana Engel's place (Life by Chocolate) and I noticed she had posted pictures of children needing prayer; so I started to pray.  While I was praying, my television sounded an emergency alarm; I ran downstairs to turn it off, thinking that it was only a test.    A man's voice announced that a five year old boy named Porter Stone may have been kidnapped from a hospital in a nearby county, and that he was also number one on the list for a heart transplant.  It felt like God was adding another "angel" to the prayer list.

Would you please join me in praying for Porter and the kid's on Robyn's prayer list?

Father, we ask that you will help in the search for Porter.  We pray for healing for him and all of the kid's on Robyn's blog, too.  Let them go to sleep tonight in comfort and safety.

In Jesus' name, amen.

Sometimes God speaks in a still, small voice.  And sometimes He sounds an emergency alarm.


Dana said...


Please keep us updated.

Rawknrobyn.blogspot.com said...

Oh Cheryl. It sickens me to no end that someone would kidnap a child from the hospital. I'm already tearing up and adding his name to my list of people to pray for.

Thanks so much for mentioning my blog. In my past 3 years of blogging, I've been privy to so much kind-heartedness. The least I can do is highlight those in need of prayer and support. It's nice, also, to be of a different faith (Jewish) than most, yet wanting the same things and expressing this in the same ways. It's a really special place. I'm so glad for our connection.

Blessings and faith,

Elsa said...


Thanks for posting this mom!

Cheryl Klarich said...

Dana, thank you for praying! Porter was found at a hospital outside of Chicago... His grandmother and father have been arrested.

Robyn! Me too. I love how you care so much for hurting people. I also value your input and perspective on things!
Also, my television has never sounded an alarm like that before- ever- And at the same moment that I was praying for the kids in need of a miracle over at YOUR blog!! Too wild!!

Elsa! Prayer is such a gift- thank you- (((hugs)) from mom... :)

Anonymous said...

Stopping by to say hello! I heard the little boy, Porter, was found. Prayers were answered!

michelle said...

The little boy's grandmother and father have been arrested? That is so sad... the ones that are supposed to protect him are implicated in the drama... who do the little ones trust if they can't trust the immediate family?

The Golden Eagle said...

My thoughts are with the children you mentioned.

The Golden Eagle
The Eagle's Aerial Perspective

Cheryl Klarich said...

Hi Susanne! Amen!!!

Michelle, Hi! I'm so with you. Sounds like the family is in crisis...
Sadly, so many are.

Golden E. glad to have you onboard, dear one! Bless you!