Monday, June 23, 2008

The Subject was Homeschooling

David and I were at the Lake for the annual Trial Attorney's conference with four of the kiddos this past weekend. David is one of their two republican lobbyists. It would seem that democrats are the only ones who care about the civil justice system. I have always believed in personal responsibility and that the wronged should be compensated for damages. After all, fair's fair. Right?

So, when we arrive as part of the extreme minority we are given the red-carpet treatment, the sea parts and we are joyfully welcomed into the fold. Okay, so part of me lives in Dreamland... It's actually more like being a Cardinal's fan at Wrigley Field. Both Card's and Cub's fans love the game, but the different uniforms keep you from becoming one with the majority in the stadium. And you're really careful about how loudly you cheer if you're smart.
I try to be smart.

Sometimes I get blindsided. I think I'm in the kissing booth at the carnival and instead find myself dodging pies in the face. We were having dinner with a Missouri Supreme Court judge and a former president of the trial attorney organization and their wives when the subject of homeschooling came up. I'm usually pretty chipper about it. My kids are decent human beings, normal on every level and above average on some. They are usually delightful company. If you are around your kids as much as I am around mine you know that they need to be delightful.

I was asked the usual questions: How do they get socialized? Often my kids get asked this one directly and my daughter Elsa is tempted to say "well how do YOU make friends?", but she's too polite so she dutifully lists some of her activities which involve other people.
What about college? I'm surprised that people can find the time to worry about my children getting into a good school, but here's the answer: Homeschoolers are resourceful, we find ways....

I tried to be lighthearted, articulate and funny, but I actually heard myself say at one point in the conversation,"we haven't played a lot of team sports- so sue me". Yup, I was articulate alright.

To be fair, because that's what I am.... I'm sure they weren't meaning to put me on the witness stand. They were just using me to express their opinion as professionals.

The defense rests.

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