Friday, July 13, 2007

Disney Girls

"Fantasy world and Disney girls are comin' back."-Cass Elliot
Since I've come back from Disney World, I've spent some time pondering what it's all about. Maybe I'm just in recovery from all of the driving, walking, crowds and plain old humanity.

Here are my conclusions.

Disney World is not Tiffany's. Though you can spend about as much money there.

Like Tiffany's, nothing really bad can happen at Disney World.
Unless you count the last time we were there and Chip n' Dale BOTH snubbed my super sensitive 10 year old Rachael at breakfast with the whole gang by refusing point-blank to sign her autograph book. As Disney would have it, Minnie, ever on the lookout for ten year olds traumatized by evil rodents, gathered Mickey and Goofy, who are much higher on the food chain, to pose for pictures. Her face glistened with joy through the tears. To this day Minnie has a special place in her heart.

We all long to be special.

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