Sunday, July 15, 2007

Cheryl Plain and Tall

I was reading "Renovating Becky Miller" by Sharon Hinck and decided to try a paragraph in her style. I was quicky reminded why Sharon is a multi-published author. I did have some fun... Here goes...

She looked at the dirt underneath her fingernails and wondered why she had boarded that train headed to the midwest. She had left her beloved Maine seacoast behind,perhaps forever. To make matters worse, the man seemed uncommunicative and the children had been without a mother for so long that it seemed impossible to reach them. She pitched the shovel once again into the hard earth, wriggling it back and forth to loosen the clay from the rock that was so abundant. Why was life so hard? All she wanted was a husband to love and to be a mother to the two little waifs that needed nurturing, a mother's touch. How long would it take before she was accepted? She was running out of faith. "Break up the fallow ground" said a voice from somewhere deep inside. "I'm trying" she breathed, brushing a few strands of hair out of her hazel eyes. "I'm trying".

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Sharon Hinck said...

Woo hoo!
Go "Cheryl Plain and Tall." :-)
You set yourself in Sarah-world VERY well. Isnt' it fun writing yourself into a classic?
Hugs, Sharon