Friday, June 8, 2007

Stationary Girl

I just realized that I haven't exercised in, well, I can't remember when. That's bad, isn't it? Yikes. I was reading Camy Tang's blog,"The Writing Sensei", and she had all these great tips on how to exercise for writers who are lazy. She wasn't pointing fingers or anything, but it got me thinking. And then I started to panic. Was I mistaken in blaming perimenopause for my blahness and fog? Could it be that I just haven't gotten off my fat,lazy butt and broken a sweat? Ever since my teenage girls,Rachael and Elsa,got their licenses I have been more than happy to let them taxi the twins and Joshua to their activities. This has enabled me to stay home and crochet. Not that I don't do anything else. I also surf the net for cool yarn. And I planted a few herbs that had gotten way past spindley. I hope they make it.

Okay. I purpose in my heart to move it, move it.

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