Friday, June 15, 2007

Small Fish

Thought for the day: "We are damaged goods but God is restoring us to wholeness." -Stuart McCallister

I feel like I'm a participant in a swim competition. At first I'm the eager minnow on the platform ready to go. The starting gun goes off and I fling myself forward. I slip effortlessly into the cool water and stay under as long as I can to maximize my perfect entry. I surface and begin to hit my stride. I'm feeling pretty good about myself. Then I look around at the other swimmers. I can tell that they want to win. Really badly. I want to win too, but I start to slip as I remember that they have been trained by highly skilled Russian coaches and I have only had myself and the frogs at the pond back home. What's the use? I can't compete with this. I fall further and further behind.

I falter when I look around and compare myself to others. I may be perfectly happy with my little accomplishments and victories, but as soon as I start to look around I lose my momentum. My personal best isn't good enough. I need to remind myself that nobody's personal best is good enough. Many winners achieve the prize only to say. "So what?".

Forgive me Lord for taking my eyes off You. You are the ultimate prize. Help me to just keep swimming.

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