Saturday, May 12, 2007


I am a pushover for a good title. Even not so good ones. I always wonder "now what made them choose that?". I know that I'm not alone, judging from all of the names of things out there. Adam's first job, before he had to get a real one was naming the animals. I can imagine the interview with Barbara Walters. "Now Adam, why exactly did you name this one cow?". Adam replies,"Duh! Look at it for goodness sake."

Pride and Prejudice's working title was "First Impressions". While that was a perfectly good name, it lacked the sneer and distain that would pass between Elizabeth Bennett and Mr.You-know-who upon meeting. One title is benign,while the other exudes passion.

I think it's interesting how famous authors have theme titles, you expect John Grisham's titles to always be "The _______". My own in-the-style-of J.G. novel would be called "The Lobbyist's Wife", based on my life with lots of scary lifethreatening stuff mixed in.

Okay. You get the point. Titles matter. Why then did I choose "The Big Book of Dishcloths" over "Dishcloths with Heart"?

Just wondering.

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