Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Sunset Behind a Desk

When David and I were in Cabo the consierge recommended a restaurant called "Mona Lisa's". "The view is spectacular." he said. Even the taxi driver remarked about how beautiful it was. They weren't kidding, the place was set like a princess cut diamond on top of a cliff overlooking the ocean and we were just in time for the famous sunset. The waiter showed us to our table and to my dismay it was INSIDE!! I looked at my usually oh-so-assertive husband to protest but he just sat down. I tried to look at the bright side- I wouldn't be getting chilly from those ocean breezes. I do hate being cold...except that it was really quite lovely out there, perfect in fact. "Shouldn't we be at one of those cute little tables overlooking the ocean?" I wondered. Instead I was behind one of those waiter's station desk things, with no view whatsoever. David seemed fine with it and was perusing the menu with the light from the computer monitor illuminating his head. But I didn't say anything.

It is a mistake in Cabo to ask the waiter for a recommendation because they all recommend the same thing -shrimp and lobster- the most expensive thing on the menu and they are so enthusiastic that you feel badly if you don't get it. So I substituted steak for the pacific lobster,which I really don't like, and there I was, eating food that I didn't really want at a table that was a big disappointment. I am ashamed to say that we started to bicker. Finally I said "And I am not going to spend another sunset behind a desk!!". "Why didn't you say something?" he said "We could have waited for a table out there." He admitted that he gets tired of fighting for things in his line of work and didn't feel like working to get a better table. Oh.

By this time all the sunsetters had cleared out and we ate our dessert under the stars listening to the ocean waves.

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