Saturday, March 24, 2007


In my last post I wrote about packing for my vacation in "Cabo St Lucas" and when I got there I realized how geographically challenged I am, because the signs all said Cabo San Lucas. My point is I had no idea where we were going, as I leave the details to my husband, who is good at that sort of thing. He has to be if we are ever to get anywhere.

Our resort was between Cabo and San Jose, and offered what we were seeking most- tropical beauty and an oasis far away from my husband's clients. All of the beauty and distance could not stop us from worrying about our five children, who are are at warious stages of life. Our conversations would turn to wondering how they were doing etc... Over and over.

Cabo is a lovely place. A fine piece of Earth's real estate. But someday I will go to the most amazing place where my Father is waiting for me. In fact His word says that He is thinking of me nonstop. And you too.

We're home. It's great to be home.

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