Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Terri Blackstock's "Downfall" : Suspense with a Woman's Touch

Terri Blackstock
Author Terri Blackstock thrills once again with Downfall, the third book in her Intervention series published by Zondervan.  Downfall can be read as a stand alone, but I'm thinking you'll want to read books one and two: Intervention and Vicious Cycle.

Downfall focuses on Emily, who is celebrating two years of sobriety from the drug addiction which sent her family- mom Barbara and brother Lance straight into the jaws of evil to rescue her.
Needless to say, the experiences of the last two years have left them all a bit shaky in the trust department and eager for a fresh start.

The silver lining for Barbara is her relationship with Kent Harlan, Atlanta homicide detective and devoted friend who happens to be the reason the family packs up and moves to Atlanta.  Kent is hopeful for a new beginning of his own and is delighted that Barbara would risk moving all the way from Missouri to be near him... He carries a ring around in his pocket, waiting for the perfect moment to pop the question for goodness sakes. :)

But all is not well in Atlanta.  Emily finds herself at the center of a bizarre murder plot in which she is both would-be victim and prime suspect.  Lance is having trouble fitting in at his new school and his only friend is keeping some unsavory company.   Barbara just wants to regain a sense of normalcy and peace.

So... will Emily be able to maintain her freedom from drugs and regain her mother's trust?  Will Lance stand strong in the face of danger and peer pressure?  Will Barbara and Kent's relationship stand the test   of explosions, fires, murders and accusations?  Will Barbara's decorating firm get the big job?

Terri Blackstock keeps you turning pages at lightening speed.  I don't know how she does it, but she manages to weave a thread of grace through it all.

Terri Blackstock is a New York Times bestseller. (www.teriblackstock.com)
Please check out her website which is full of exciting information.

I think you'll fall in love with her too!!


Anonymous said...

Stopping by to check out your blog and say hello. I found your blog listed on the A to Z April Challenge list. I'm also participating. I look forward to seeing what you blog about in April.


Cheryl Klarich said...

Hi Susanne!
Thank you for taking time to visit!
Yup... April should be a lot of fun.


Kate {The Parchment Girl} said...

I need to read one of her books! Still haven't gotten around to it.

Cheryl Klarich said...

Hi Kate- I really like Terri's suspense. Her web-site offers writing tips and encouragement too... :)