Friday, May 8, 2009

According to Their Deeds Blog Tour

According to Their Deeds by author Paul Robertson swept me off my literary feet. It is a mystery which combines my favorite elements:memorable characters, an auction, rare books,political intrigue, literary references galore, and a lovely and witty married couple, Charles and Dorothy Beale, who invite one into their simple but elegant world. Of course the simple and sweet becomes complicated and suspenseful pretty much right off the bat with the murder of Mr.Beale's customer who worked for the Justice Department. But the themes of the letter of the law versus the spirit of the law gave me much to ponder.

This book was brilliantly crafted and I would read it again. I am also going to share it with my husband who is a former senator and judge and is now a lobbyist.
He's going to love it!!!

This week, the

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According To Their Deeds

Bethany House (March 1, 2009)


Paul Robertson


Paul Robertson is a computer programming consultant, part-time high-school math and science teacher, and the author of The Heir. He is also a former Christian bookstore owner (for 15 years), who lives with his family in Blacksburg, Virginia.


A Deadly Game of Justice Versus Mercy Charles Beale lives outside the shadow of Washington, D.C. Politics and power matter only when a client crosses the Potomac to visit his Alexandria Rare Books shop.

But that all changes when a former client--a man deeply connected in the Justice Department--is found murdered after a break-in gone bad. When Charles reclaims at auction the books he'd once sold, he quickly discovers he's bought more trouble than he could have ever imagined.

Inside one volume are secrets. A collection of sins that, if revealed, could destroy reputations, careers--even lives. Charles soon learns he isn't the only who knows. Going to the police means ruining a multitude of lives. But staying silent puts a target on his shop, his wife--and himself. Charles must decide: Should one mistake really cost you everything?

If you would like to read the first chapter of According To Their Deeds, go HERE

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