Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Angel of Wrath: Blog Tour

Bill Meyers creates some wild, hang on to your hat, killer suspense that takes you through a journey into the mind of evil in his novel Angel of Wrath.

His characters are thought provoking and flawed yet likable, except for the scary and depraved villain who goes by the name Kristoff, who, along with being a serial killer, controls a coven of lost teenagers.

Mr.Meyers covers a wide variety of sin, from addiction to pornography to gossip and hypocrisy in order to give the reader a common denominator of the human condition and the reality of the power and control of the demonic realm. There was also a thread of childhood sexual abuse suffered by Lisa, a former FBI agent, inflicted upon her by her preacher father. And with that pain was the issue of forgiveness.

I read this book the same week that Focus on the Family was rerunning an interview with David Berkowitz the infamous Son of Sam serial killer who accepted Christ in prison in 1988. Pain, loss, isolation, rage, pornography and the demonic all factored into the man who committed those atrocities.

Bill Meyers was able to get into the mind of evil and make the connection that we all need a savior, no matter how good or pious we look on the outside. It comes down to what we do with Jesus that matters.

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