Thursday, December 4, 2008

Dark Pursuit by Brandilyn Collins:blog tour

Brandilyn Collins is the Queen of Suspense. Period.
I love thrillers. I love being scared, and I got so involved in Dark Pursuit that I read it at the salon where I get my hair done- I usually ask for a high fashion magazine while waiting for my color to absorb.... not this time!

Kaitlan Sering has been abandoned by her mother, and estranged from her grandfather, a world famous, bestselling suspense novelist. She has done time for drug possession and overcome addiction. Now, all she desires is to have a family of her own. She discovers that her handsome police officer boyfriend is no Prince Charming, and now she must run for her life. She flees to the only person who can help- or so she hopes-her grandfather. The only problem is that Darell Brooke, the brilliant King of Suspense, has been in an auto accident and his concentration is faulty, to say the least, and he has some regrets and mistakes of his own that threaten to keep him from this opportunity for redemption.

Dark Pursuit has more twists, turns, and dips than an Argentinian Tango and is just as much fun. This would be a great Christmas gift for the suspense thriller lover in your family or friendship circle. Read it. Pass it on. And give somebody a thrill.

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Elsa said...

ooooo I can't wait to read this!