Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Fasting and Prayer

My life is at a crossroad of sorts. My book project has stalled. I'm wondering if I should give up. It's okay if I do, but I'm trying to get to the bottom of the "Why". The who am I- what am I- of it all. In other words, what are my motives? So I've been doing a fast to clear out the cobwebs. I'm a juice and soup faster and for this carb-especially-chocolate-loving girl, it's a struggle... did I mention my caffeine headache? The green tea isn't cutting it. My body's resistance and protests tell me that my dependency, though on the Lord, gets a major boost from refined sugar and my beloved coffee.

So after two days where am I? In the thick of it- the place where I'm listening to the sermons on the tongue amongst other things, and getting convicted all over the place. But I am feeling God's love, grace and mercy. If I didn't know that He loved me first, I couldn't even face myself, and this fast-small as it is - would be just empty religion.

My conclusion, corny as this may sound, is that I'm going to let Jesus take the wheel.

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