Thursday, September 20, 2007

Loose Ends

It's hip to be square-Huey Lewis
I'm making an afghan out of granny squares. I have completed all of the 150 or so blocks of relative squareness and am in the final stages of sewing them together. This has taken much longer than my poor ADD brain is willing to accept but I refuse to abandon ship at this stage of the game. My children are excited for their mom to make a real live blanket thing and my husband- who is still waiting for an abandened quilt from ten years ago- is cheering me on. I am like the Little Engine that Could puffing toward the finish line. Out of nowhere the doubts creep in. Why did I choose these colors? What if the completed project looks stupid? What then? Then there are all those hundreds of embarrassing yarn ends sticking out the back that must be woven in to make the whole thing appear seamless. The afghan has no beginning and it has no end. Yeah,yeah,yeah...

Lord please help me to tie up the loose ends.

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