Friday, December 15, 2006

A Life in Pieces

I love fabric, jigsaw puzzles, art supplies, beads and bangles. Even if I don't make anything exactly. It is the delight of the collection. The joy is in the journey. The sparkle. The possibilities. That sometime I just may just create something beautiful. You never know...
Welcome to Writing Remnants- my life in pieces.

Remnant, noun (See Remain) :
1. that which is left after the separation, removal or destruction
of a part.
The remnant of what are left of the captivity.
2. that which remains after a part is done, performed, told or passed.
The remnant of my tale is of a length
to tire your patience. Dryden

Where I may think the remnant of my thoughts.

Remnant, adjective:
Remaining; yet left.

And quiet dedicate her remnant life
to the just duties of a humble wife (Little used) - as an adjective or sentiment I'm sure.

I love words and definitions. I am always amazed at how Noah Webster had the clarity of thought, not to mention patience to define every known word to make a dictionary.
Words are remnants of language waiting to be picked up and be used.

Please God, help me to use my words wisely.
God delights in using what is left over. Hey, that would be me. And You too dear reader. Have a blessed day.

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